"SOH Vanilla specialises in the provision of onsite independent occupational health and safety services to all types of companies whether they are SME's or large corporate organisations."

In running a business you are likely to encounter a variety of problems related to health and safety. These may be individual problems like an employee returning to work following illness or injury, or broader problems like noise, chemical exposure or musco-skeletal problems in the workplace, which requires mandatory health surveillance.

Health Surveillance

Some health and safety regulations require employers to provide health surveillance for their employees. Health surveillance is systematic process to identify early signs of work-related ill health in employees exposed to certain health risks. It requires putting in place certain procedures to achieve this.


Health & Wellbeing Services

Specialists in occupational health are acutely aware that many lifestyle factors can lead to ill health at work. One way to highlight risk factors is through an individual lifestyle health screening programme in the workplace, whether this be for individual employees or on a broader scale as part of health and wellbeing days. E.g: Blood pressure health, cholesterol and diabetes tests.

Workstation Assessments

Using display screen equipment (DSE), including laptops can give rise to back problems, repetitive strain injury, pain in the hands, wrists, arms, neck or shoulders. Some of these symptoms are often referred to as ‘upper limb disorders’ (ULD).

Sickness Absence Management

Managing sickness absence forms the basis of any business proposition. Ill health at work costs money reduces productivity, efficiency and morale.