Workstation Assessments


Using display screen equipment (DSE), including laptops can give rise to back problems, repetitive strain injury, pain in the hands, wrists, arms, neck or shoulders. Some of these symptoms are often referred to as ‘upper limb disorders’ (ULD). The cause of these is often due to using the DSE for long periods of uninterrupted time, performing repetitive movements and adopting incorrect wrist and hand positions when typing or using the mouse. These medical problems can be caused by the poor design and use of workstations and associated equipment such as chairs etc. This can lead to reduced work efficiency or taking time off work.

As a result of workstation related injuries, employees are bringing forward an increasing number of claims against employers.


SOH vanilla can provide your business with appropriate guidance and advice on all aspects of Display Screen Equipment related issues including:

  • Ensure compliance with current DSE Regulations and best practice.
  • Completion of onsite Workstation Assessments, with recommendations for action.
  • Provision of DSE Policies, Training Guides, Managers Guidance Notes etc.
  • Reduce health and safety risk and improve work efficiency.
  • Reduce the risk of compensation claims.