Summer’s Not Quite Here!

Posted by on May 19, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off

Well the sun came and went and for all of you who are expected to work on a computer whatever the weather here are some tips to help you stay healthy and active.

  1. Move around! You’ll body will love it………………. No doubt you’ll routinely sit at your desk for 9am and the first time you remember to get up will be 11am when you want a cup of tea or a trip to the toilet. That’s too long. You should actively look to change your posture at least hourly and even better every 30 minutes. That doesn’t mean going outside for a cigarette for 10 minutes but just getting up and take a short walk around your desk, get a drink, instead of using the printer next to your desk use one further away.
  2. Keep hydrated – it will stop headaches and that afternoon slump. Drink plenty of fluids at least 1.5 litres whilst at work. That’s not coffee, tea or sugary drinks by the way – water, squash or diet drinks if you can’t avoid fizzy drinks. That way if you keep your fluid intake up you’ll also have to get up more often to use the toilet facilities encouraging even more movement.
  3. Step away from the desk! Take a 30 minute break away from your desk and get some fresh air. You’ll feel fresher and more motivated on your return.
  4. Think about how your sitting – does it feel awkward. Are you getting pain in your neck, shoulders or back. If you are complete a workstation assessment and make sure you sit in neutral postures.
  5. When you finish work – remember slouching on the sofa to use your laptop or Xbox won’t help. Make sure you look at how you use your equipment at home and take regular breaks there too!
  6. Lastly look at small changes you can make to exercise more without it being too difficult. Could you park the car further away from work – cheaper to park the car and more exercise for you. Could you take the stairs instead of a lift, could you take a walk after supper for 20 minutes rather than watch TV. Use iPlayer or an HD box to watch the programme after you get back instead.